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Our Health was developed as a result of a 1996 Community Health Needs Assessment conducted by our regional hospital system, Valley Health System, Inc. One of the top five health needs identified was to provide non-profits with shared space and administrative services to encourage strong collaborative programs, resource sharing, business and community involvement and a common commitment to serving those most in need in the region. Our local governments recognized the high population of homeless, low income and uninsured citizens and partnered with Our Health and Valley Health to do something proactive in service to them.

In addition to serving as owner and property manager for the Kendall Community Campus, Our Health provides leadership to its 85 partner agencies in grants writing and administration, training and technical assistance to non-profit boards and staff, and administrative and financial management support. Its Volunteer Action Center provides viable services to connect volunteers to area needs and nonprofit partners with opportunities to enhance their programs.

Through the Our Health model of collaboration we join our partners to provide wrap-around services to address complete community wellness to include the physical, mental, educational, emotional, nutritional, spiritual, safety/security, and financial needs touching in an individualized and personal Way, the lives of those we serve.


Our Health – a self-sustaining organization exists to support the health and well being of others by connecting partners and serving community.


Our Health, a regional non-profit organization, sustains and improves the health and well-being of our community by bringing together, supporting, and expanding capabilities of our partners in the delivery of health and human services, to address unmet needs, and provide ease of access to services.


We believe it is our responsibility to:

1. Serve the needs of our community partners with fairness and respect.
2. Ensure our actions adhere to high ethical standards, as set forth in the Our Health code of ethics.
3. Responsibly manage the resources of Our Health with fiscal accountability.
4. Value the diversity of our community and be sensitive to the needs of others.
5. Act resourcefully and adapt to a changing environment.
6. Interact cooperatively.
7. Support the total well-being of our community: the spiritual, emotional, mental, social and physical health.
8. Promote innovative approaches in all activities.


Our (belonging to us) Health (the general condition of a person in all aspects)

An idea became a reality when a group of individuals took a community needs assessment for Winchester very seriously. Valley Health System (VHS) contracted with Premier, America’s leading health care consultant, to conduct a survey to define the area’s health needs. “Health” is a term that describes more than medical care. Our Health supports the efforts of VHS to provide appropriate preventative and necessary medical care. A focus group was formed to concentrate on roughly ten major issues. The goal of this group was to consider how the area could best be served in relation to these needs. Five issues were chosen and set the stage for a group to facilitate services to area nonprofits and coordinate client care. The mission was to look behind or beyond the medical needs of the community and reach out to a community in a way never before attempted. Focusing on societal challenges before healthcare solutions was a model that was yet to be defined; at least in the Commonwealth. The name of this group-Our Health-was meant to imply just that. Stemming from Valley Health, which focuses on medical well being, Our Health was created to expand the opportunity for a community to be well.
Our Health collaborated with both public and private partnerships to create a community campus. Local, state and federal government representatives supported this idea on many levels. These unique partnerships helped create a co-location currently for nineteen agencies, with room to grow. Although these agencies share a green space on campus, they are still autonomous and act as stand-alone agencies. By connecting them in proximity, the goal is to encourage collaboration and coordination of client care. The campus provides those in need with many resources to achieve overall health. Our Health supports campus agencies, providing a reasonable, inclusive rate for office space. Additional partners through the Volunteer Action Center, grant opportunities and Valley Health Systems create a diverse network of nonprofits. Many levels of support are offered to these agencies by sharing the skilled staff of Our Health. Our Health offers nonprofit agencies guidance to improve their organizational structure and efficiency with an eye toward sustaining and enhancing the nonprofit community. The original mission was to reach out to our community with a commitment to serve others. Our Health achieves this with each day they are connected to area agencies.

Our Health-Connecting Partners. Serving Community.

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