Our Staff

Our Health engages a diverse team to support its partner agencies. The staff consists of full-time, part-time and contractual members who appreciate the opportunity to serve together in this community.  

Our Health-Connecting Partners. Serving Community.

Sharen Gromling
Executive Director- sgromlin@valleyhealthlink.com 540.536.1601

Brian Alexander
Part-Time Custodian

Brian Bober
Building Maintenance Tech. 540-536-1600

Mary Falu
Administrative Assistant/Volunteer Action Center Coord.- mfalu@valleyhealthlink.com 540.536.1600

Donald Fry
Part-Time Custodian

Beth Louque
Finance Manager- elouque@valleyhealthlink.com 540.665.9086

Mia McFarland
Part-Time Custodian Supervisor

Erik Rayburn
Part-Time Custodian

Dan Rose
Volunteer Action Center Coordinator - drose2@valleyhealthlink.com 540-536-1605

Barbara Shelley
Facilities Technician-540.536.1600


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